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What is Purple Watermelon?

Purple Watermelon is a site that provides engaging ideas, challenges, mindfulness and assemblies for parents to stay sane.
We are not focused on academic literacy and maths based activities; we are attempting to offer engaging, fun and mindful ways to keep you and your children sane and happy through this crisis. We will, however, link in ideas for keeping basic literacy and maths skills alive.

Who are we?

We are four head teachers who all have over twenty years of teaching experience and much parenting, aunty and uncle experience. All of the advice and tips posted here have been tried and tested in schools and classrooms over the years. We have extensive expertise in behaviour management, teaching, engaging pupils and how to stay sane when all around you is chaos!

Click on the fruit or title below to access the resources:

We will add to these weekly.

Weekly Mindful Assemblies:

These are assembly style messages/stories that aim to teach your child a lesson about life and happiness.

Fortnightly PB Challenge:

Personal best challenges – a fun activity for the whole family – a new one every fortnight: these aim to build evidence for your child that practice and sticking at something has a real impact. Great for developing grit and resilience.

Daily Learning Challenge:

A fun learning style activity for all ages which aims to engage your child and incorporate awe and appreciation of the world. Basic literacy and maths skills links where appropriate.

Brain Buster Breaks:

Different ideas for 5 minute brain breaks to use throughout the day or week, set by our resident head teacher and veteran GB triathlete, often accompanied by Dennis the cat.

Advice for Parents:

Tips and advice on topics to help you manage these potentially challenging times. Please feel welcome to message us via our facebook page if you would like ideas on a certain topic.

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